ExperienceNaija is a photo-tourism initiative which we are about institutionalizing into the Nigerian tourism sector. The concept caters for destination tourism with a blend of photography, cuisine and events all packaged in specified products centered on each participating city namely Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, Enugu and Sokoto as our pilot cities. Our objective is mainly to give visitors, tourists and residents of each of these participating cities a rich fusion of the taste and experience the city has to offer.

ExperienceNaija is in collaboration with corporate bodies, individuals and the government at both federal and state levels to develop and promote photo-tourism potentials within Nigeria. This we intend to achieve by creating hypes and enhanced customer/tourist experience around notable destinations within every city beyond what will averagely be on offer from same destinations.

In order to effectively achieve our main objective, ExperienceNaija is being broken down into two (2) components to be run simultaneously as follows:

  • ExperienceNaija Initiative
  • ExperienceNaija Product


The ExperienceNaija initiative is aimed at promoting and developing photo-tourism in Nigeria with the purpose of gradually refocusing the perspectives of the local citizenry to contribute to and look inwards for a great tourism showcase that meets global standards. Photo-tourism is a concept that blends photography with destination tourism.

The ExperienceNaija initiative is in collaboration with corporate bodies, individuals and the government at both federal and state levels to develop and promote photo-tourism potentials within Nigeria. This we intend to achieve by initiating the local communities, corporate bodies, individuals and the government to recognize, contribute and assume key responsibilities towards photo-tourism growth in Nigeria.


ExperienceNaija is proud to bring to you its maiden product – my Abuja experience. We have been able to assemble over ninety (90) destination locations which can be packaged in a number of varieties to achieve a three-hour tour experience of Abuja from pick-up to drop-off. We intend to offer participating tourists fully air-conditioned luxury tour vehicles with security, tour services, photography services, five-course cuisine, cultural and art display, visits to monuments and other locations of interest within a three-hour package. This has the immense potential of improving the economic benefits of ancillary services in every participating city through tourism, for example, restaurants, cultural troupes, arts and crafts practitioners, hotels, the transportation sector, to mention a few.

Product Collaborators:

The ExperienceNaija product seeks to engage with various ancillary services in order to enhance tourist’s experience;

  • Fashion hubs
  • Radio Stations
  • Cinemas
  • Game centres
  • Magazines
  • On air personalities
  • Taxi Operators
  • Dance crews
  • Photographers
  • Graphic designers
  • Sport Centres
  • Art galleries
  • Religious centres
  • Entertainment Artistes
  • Artists
  • Monuments
  • Telecom network
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Parks
  • Recreation clubs
  • Spas


We work hand-in-hand with various esteemed organizations to promote tourism development in Nigeria. They are:

  • Solar Path Sun Solutions
  • Circum Nigeria Limited
  • Corporate Labour Services
  • Mediact Interactive Technologies
  • Cosset Care Services

Our Company:

ExperienceNaija is powered by Cosset Care Services Limited, an ideal care delivery and tourism service company.

Cosset was established with the aim of being a classy, sophisticated, and trendy care services company in Nigeria. Areas of endeavor include but are not limited to:

  • Gift packaging and delivery Service Company
  • Event management services
  • Tourism Development services

We aim to be the pace-setting, trend-setting packaging and delivery services provider across Nigeria. It is our mission to provide world class care delivery services to our customers, in every step of the way. The best of services and products are reached through us.