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Privacy policy

Our privacy policy clarifies how we treat your own information and ensure your protection when you utilize our Services. By utilizing our Services you concur that ExperienceNaija can utilize individual information as per our privacy policy. Also, by employing our services, you concur that all information given by you is precise as per our privacy policy.


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Using our services

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You consent to the terms and states of subscription, including, however not constrained to, full and convenient payment of all sums due and consistent with all guidelines concerning accessibility of products or services. All expenses, appraisals, charges, assessments and obligations emerging out from the utilization of the Website are your sole responsibility

Misuse of our Services.

Kindly do not meddle with our Services or attempt to get to them utilizing a strategy other than the interface and the directions that we make available. You may utilize our services just as allowed by law. Utilizing our Services does not give you responsibility for licensed innovation rights in our services or the content you get to. You may not utilize content from our services unless authorization is acquired from ExperienceNaija or is generally allowed by law. These terms do not allow you the privilege to utilize any trademarks or logos incorporated as part of our services. Please do not to expel, cloud, or change any lawful notification shown in or alongside our services.

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Website bookings

Booking of any of our product packages as identified on the website is to be done online. Consequently, ExperienceNaija requests users own accounts via which they will be able to subscribe so as to access to products. No booking of any our product packages can be made without users possessing user accounts on our platform in adherence of our safety and security measure as per our privacy policy. Involved in the subscription process is a registration form users are expected to fill. During registration, users will be requested of personal information as per our privacy policy

In addition to the requested personal information, our website will also request the user to upload a recent passport photograph. Other information requested would concern credit or master card details as the only viable payment options for ExperienceNaija product packages.

Agent subscription

ExperienceNaija allows for user booking to be done by third party agents. These third party bookings are also subject to the terms and conditions governing product package bookings. Where an agent is attempting to make a purchase for his/her client, he/she is still requested to provide the same information for his/her client as the client would have done if they were registering as an individual. Also, we would, at this point, like bode out that third party registration of a tourist (i.e. via an agent) would require the sharing of personal data between the prospective tourist and the agent. Consequently, ExperienceNaija does not take responsibility for information shared outside of our platform and as such crave the indulgence of prospective tourists to ensure the credibility of the agent who subscribes on their behalf. Howbeit, ExperienceNaija shares with its users its registered agents authorized by ExperienceNaija to subscribe tourists on our and their behalf. This information would be constantly updated where the need arises and thus should be viewed by the user frequently.

The Information we collect when you register to ExperienceNaija forms the data base for your ExperienceNaija account and as such, is treated as personal information as per our privacy policy. Consequently, when subscribing to any of our products you undertake that all details you provide to us are true and accurate, that you are an authorized user of the credit or debit card used to subscribe and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of service. All prices advertised are subject to such change.

Product package pricing

The prices for each ExperienceNaija package is outrightly available on the website. ExperienceNaija may at any time revise and update the pricing of its services without the consent and obligation of its users. However, alterations to prices for services will be visible on the website and as such cannot slip the awareness of the prospective subscriber. Continued subscription to the ExperienceNaija Services after any such changes shall constitute your agreement to such changes. Changes will not be applicable to any subscriptions which have been made before production of the altered Conditions.


Payment for subscriptions made on our site is entirely online. We acknowledge credit and debit cards from recognized banks. Your card will be charged when you click on the ‘Subscribe Now’ option.


Tour trip terms and conditions

Pick-up time:

Please be informed that the pick-up time will not tarry. However, 5-15mins will be allocated for gathering and to get passengers checked-in, seated and ready for their experience wherein your ExperienceNaija ticket and ID plus a form of verification (e.g. Driver’s license) is required. You are therefore requested to be present at the stipulated pick-up venue at least 30mins before pick-up time. Pick-up time and venue are located on your ticket. I promise you can’t miss the venue.


Payment made for a ticket is non-refundable with exception to the case where operational difficulties on our side cause us to be unable to provide due service on payment made. Ticket purchased grants permission for only the specified number of passengers/ticket delineated on the ticket. For example, if a ticket specifies 1 passenger/ticket, this means that only one living visible person is permitted by virtue of the ticket held. In such regards, this ticket will not permit a mother and child as there would have to be another ticket purchased for the child also.

In the case of rescheduling, please inform the ExperienceNaija team 10hrs before pick-up time. Failure to do so would infer a missed trip and you would have to reschedule at a fixed amount.

Once a ticket is purchased, it is expected that tourist will be present for the trip from start to finish i.e. from pick-up to drop-off. Consequently, if the tourist, for some reason deemed necessary, is unable to meet this expectation, the tourist will be allowed to leave conditioned on tourist’s adherence to proper safety & security measures given by the ExperienceNaija team. However, according to terms and conditions on ticket purchase, it will be assumed that the tourist completed his/her experience package from pick-up to drop-off. In addition, the extent to which the benefits of the package purchased would be availed to the tourist is at the discretion of the ExperienceNaija team


Dear friend, there is no smoking in the bus. Off the bus, smoking permission is under the jurisdiction of the destination location visited. Please note also, that anything that can be considered as a weapon will not be allowed for the trip and will have to be forfeited at check-in point before entering the bus.

Also, cameras, food and beverages are not allowed and will have to be forfeited at check-in point before entering the bus. It is requested that phones be kept on silent or in airplane mode, better yet switched off, throughout the duration of the experience. Forfeited belongings may be retrieved after concluded trip at the drop-off point.


We request that you restrict your personal belongings to the lowest possible. A mobile phone (portable gadget) and a wallet would suffice. However, if need be to carry belongings exceeding the aforementioned, the ExperienceNaija team will provide a branded ExperienceNaija tourist bag just right for you. Howbeit, do note that the ExperienceNaija team does not claim responsibility for lost belongings.

Need for cash:

It is advised that you bring some cash along with you for the experience as, along with the tour trip, you may come across things that tickle your fancy and worth purchasing. However, keep your cash separated, with some spending money easily accessible and the rest hidden, so that you’re not showing off a big wad of cash every time you pay.

Dress code:

Owing largely to cultural considerations, we request that your dress code is largely conservative. Dress code should also be comfortable and allow for much-needed mobility. Accordingly, we request the following:

Dress code should not divulge too much (an inappropriate exposure) skin

Women should please have a scarf/shawl on hand for particular destinations that may require such e.g. National Mosque

Embrace multi purpose shoes like trainers, sneaker, and sports shoes etc. and avoid heels

Other Links

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Limitation of liability

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Intellectual property rights

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We will take every single sensible measure to guarantee data you transmit to us utilizing the Website will stay secret and shielded from unapproved access. In spite of those measures, we do not warrant unapproved access to that data can never happen. We won’t be obligated for any such unapproved access unless caused exclusively by our gross carelessness, in which you will be qualified for a compensation.

Vis-à-vis our tour trips, ExperienceNaija group has your security and well-being at fundamental imperativeness. The ExperienceNaija group is in collaboration with the Nigerian Police Command and the Department of State Services (DSS). Regardless, we are not at risk for undesirable causalities of any shape amid the span of the products or/and services we give (from pick-up to drop-off point) unless caused exclusively by our gross carelessness, in which occasion you will be qualified for compensation

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by the law of Nigeria and any debate emerging in connection with these terms might be liable to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Nigeria.