ExperienceNaija product “My Abuja experience” is scheduled to run daily as long as there is at least one tourist booked for the day. The product is scheduled to run twice daily, a morning session and an evening session.Each session offers participating tourists fully air-conditioned luxury tour vehicles with security, tour services, photography services, five-course cuisine, cultural and art display, visits to monuments and other locations of interest within a three-hour package.

Furthermore, each session may consist of a minimum of a single tourist to a maximum of 60 tourist per session.  Also, for each session, a minimum of 10 venues and a maximum of 12 would be visited. Locations visited would consist of mixture of monuments, commercial venues and other locations of interest.

Available Tour Packages

ExperienceNaija Premium - Abuja

This is the full package of a modern twist to a proper blend of conservative and contemporary tourism inclusive of
5.00 / 1 review
per person

ExperienceNaija Lite - Abuja

At about half the price of the Experiencenaija premium, you get to visit unique destinations and enjoy the taste, entertainment
per person

ExperienceNaija Breeze - Abuja

Are you tight on time and budget but still want to explore the fun, taste, entertainment and experience the city
per person
XPN Booker

ExperienceNaija Bespoke - Abuja

If you want to explore the fun, taste and experience the city of Abuja has to offer in your own
per person