A few weeks back we had a delightful time with awesome delegates from all over Africa……Let me back up a bit. Not too long ago, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) hosted the 4th annual meeting for the ID4Africa initiative. This event attracted a whole lots of delegates from the whole of Africa. I tell you,


Just another tour experience for our NIMC ID4Africa delegates. See the smiles. Oh the joy. It could all be you.


On this episode of ExperienceNaija, we had some Turkish delegates visit Abuja and guess who showed up…Okay, Okay; don’t guess, the answer is quite obvious. We did. We gave them, in their words, a delightful experience. We took them to the National Mosque and Church amongst other monuments; and boy you should see how their

Sister Sister Fun with ExperienceNaija

  Sister, Sister fun with ExperienceNaija. What better way exists to welcome your sister who came to visit you to Abuja asides our ExperienceNaija tour package? Don’t worry, we can wait…… Last year we had one of our clients book our ExperienceNaija special package. Her sister, who is new to Abuja, came to visit her

A Summer Blast package with Experience Naija

Summer Blast. In the summer of 2017, ExperienceNaija organized an individual package tour trip for anyone looking for something fun to do in Abuja. Our package included visiting up to 10 locations across Abuja, 5-course cuisine, special activities like getting a henna tattoo and enjoying the performance of a professional brigade band. Trust me the tourist

End of the Year Corporate Retreat with Experience Naija

Last episode on ExperienceNaija. On the 19th of December, 2017, we provided a corporate package in the form of an end of the year tour retreat for employees of one of our well-satisfied corporate clients. As you would notice from the video above; it was amazing. We toured the great city of Abuja taking our