A Summer Blast package with Experience Naija

Summer Blast.

In the summer of 2017, ExperienceNaija organized an individual package tour trip for anyone looking for something fun to do in Abuja. Our package included visiting up to 10 locations across Abuja, 5-course cuisine, special activities like getting a henna tattoo and enjoying the performance of a professional brigade band. Trust me the tourist really got value for their money. They were treated like kings and queens.

We visited the City gate, amongst other monuments. We also had “correct” firewood prepared party Jollof rice at one of our cuisine venues. Did we forget to mention that our tourist got a taste of Sri-lankan cuisine? or that took them on a trip to the best Ivorian cuisine serving restaurant in town. The best part is that, before all the eating and making Mr. Belly happy, we treated our tourist to a special Spa experience as part of our tour trip package.

On and on we could go, but we’d rather leave you to tap into the experience by watching one of the tourist’s video reel. But, what can we say? If you are not experiencing Abuja with ExperienceNaija you haven’t experienced the city at all.

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