Welcome to XPN (ExperienceNaija)!

Thanks for choosing to partner with us.

This notice oversees your association with ExperienceNaija. These terms and conditions and some other lawful notification, approaches and rules of ExperienceNaija connected to these terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement between you and ExperienceNaija thus identifying with your engagement with us, and supersedes any earlier understandings or agreements (regardless of whether oral or composed).

The engagement between a destination location and ExperienceNaija is administered by the Terms and Conditions put forward. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE COLLABORATING WITH US. This notice applies to subscribers[1] and potential subscribers to the ExperienceNaija service, both now and later on. On the off chance that you do not consent to these Terms and Conditions of Use, kindly seize from subscribing to our venture.

We may suspend or terminate our engagement with you on the off chance that you do not conform to our terms and conditions, or/and in the event that we are examining speculated wrongdoing.

ExperienceNaija seeks to engage various destination locations in an attempt to enhance its customer photo-tourism experience. Accordingly, this document denotes the terms and conditions both engaging parties agree to adhere to:

  1. The organization’s personnel will receive FREE training on tourist handling and maximize returns on tourists’ visits to the organization
  2. The organization will be engaged in a FREE photo-shoot session of the organization to enhance the descriptive potential of the organization as an important tourism destination
  3. The organization will have the ExperienceNaija certification plaque installed conspicuously within the organization’s location for FREE.
  4. The organization will be featured on the tourist city guide and brochure of ExperienceNaija for FREE
  5. The organization will be featured for FREE on the official ExperienceNaija website as a premium tourism hub
  6. The organization will serve as agents to register prospective tourists and sell tickets on behalf of ExperienceNaija for commissions agreed by both parties (optional)
  7. ExperienceNaija will provide promotional materials (magazines and brochures) for interested tourists (On the condition that 6 above is agreed to)
  8. ExperienceNaija will communicate, beforehand, time and date when the organization’s venue will be used as a pick-up venue/destination.
  9. With reference to 8 above, ExperienceNaija assumes responsibility for tourist’s consumption liability while at your location.

The organization understands that this service will be offered for free initially and would require a subscription fee subsequently. The organization, however, reserves the right to subscribe to the service. Consequent upon declaration of interest in being a destination location for the ExperienceNaija implementation, the organization agrees to be subject to the rates outlined below.

Commercial venues subscription:

  • 1 visit/month = N5,000
    • 20 tourists visiting your location
    • Food and drinks services to be offered to tourists and will be paid for
    • Return visits by tourists
  • 5 visits/month = N15,000
    • 100 tourists visiting your location
    • Food and drinks services to be offered to tourists and will be paid for
    • Return visits by tourists
  • 10 visits/month = N25,000
    • 200 tourists visiting your location
    • Food and drinks services to be offered to tourists and will be paid for
    • Return visits by tourists

The organization understands that the subscription payment to be a destination location is waived consequent upon agreement to serve as a pick-up venue and an agent. Furthermore, an agreement to serve as an agent for ExperienceNaija will benefit the organization through the agent’s commission structure outlined on the ExperienceNaija website.

Agent subscription

ExperienceNaija allows for destination locations to serve as agents. As an agent accepts the responsibility of registering prospective tourists[2] and selling tickets on behalf of ExperienceNaija. Subscription to any of our product packages as identified on the website is to be done online. Consequently, ExperienceNaija requests agents open accounts for their clients (prospective tourists) via which the agents will be able to subscribe so as to have access to products. No subscription to our product packages can be made without prospective tourists possessing accounts on our platform. This is in adherence to our safety and security measure as per our privacy policy. Involved in the subscription process is a registration form users are expected to fill. During registration, prospective tourists will be requested of personal information as per our privacy policy which should be provided by the registering agent.

In addition to the requested personal information, our website will also request a recent passport photograph of the prospective tourist. Other information requested would concern credit or master card details as the only viable payment options for ExperienceNaija product packages.

Also, we would, at this point, like to bode out that third party registration of a tourist (i.e. via an agent) would require the sharing of personal data between the prospective tourist and the agent. Consequently, ExperienceNaija does not take responsibility for information shared outside of our platform and as such crave the indulgence of prospective tourists to ensure the credibility of the agent who subscribes on their behalf, as well as agents abiding by a strict client confidentiality policy to avoid liabilities and subjection to legal proceeding, rights or claims. Howbeit, ExperienceNaija shares with its prospective tourists its registered agents authorized by ExperienceNaija to subscribe tourists on our and their behalf. This information would be constantly updated where the need arises and thus should be viewed by the user frequently. As a registered agent, ExperienceNaija is obligated to clearly declare such destination location on our platform and is liable for any inconvenience that may occur to the destination location as a result of negligence on our part.

Photography and tourism service

By virtue of your engagement with ExperienceNaija, your destination location agrees to provide ExperienceNaija tourists with the premium level of hospitality due. Also, you grant ExperienceNaija the exclusive right to take photographs of your venue at will. You agree that the photographs are the sole right of ExperienceNaija and will not be held liable for using the photos as it sees fit.


Payment for subscriptions to collaborate with ExperienceNaija as a destination are made directly to ExperienceNaija over a contractual agreement also and terms and conditions for payment will adhere to the terms and conditions as agreed upon in the contractual agreement

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by the law of Nigeria and any debate emerging in connection with these terms might be liable to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Nigeria.

[1]Subscribers refer to a destination location that has an agreement with ExperienceNaija to serve as a destination location for ExperienceNaija’s tourists

[2]Prospective tourist refers to an entity that wishes to make payment for subscription to any of the ExperienceNaija packages for the purpose of enjoying the benefits of the photo-tourism service ExperienceNaija offers.