Top 5 Hangout Spots in Abuja
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You would think the City of Abuja isn’t fun and youthful. I thought the same and now I know that I was wrong.

Thanks to ExperienceNaija I am now an advocate for the notion “Abuja is just as fun as you make it out to be” and for me, Abuja or Abj as is popularly known, is so much fun for me. You would think the City of Abuja isn’t fun and youthful. I thought the same and now I know that I was wrong. And so to help, for people who are like I once was, here are top 5 hangout spots in this fun filled city.

1. JABI LAKE PARK: Although Abuja is a landlocked city, this landmark provides residents of Abuja and visitors alike with the closest pristine beach experience. A home to vast grass fields and trees, and being surrounded by a lake, the freshness of the atmosphere brings the endearments of nature to mind.

Possessing such beautiful scenery, Jabi Lake Park offers the perfect environment for picnics, sport, horse ride, anything outdoor fun and of course, a must experience boat ride. When it comes to Saturday morning workouts, sports, and festivities; this park would appear to be unparagoned in the population in pulls.

2. SPICE PLATTER: located in Wuse 2 and commonly thought of as an extension of the Thought Pyramid Art gallery due to the proximity between them, its artistic ambiance and décor. This restaurant gives a unique blend of both great food and art work. Highly appreciated for its free puff-puff starters, generous food portions and courteous and attentive waiters, this restaurant would be beyond ideal for a nice family dinner outing.

3. SALAMANDER: Located at Bujumbora street Wuse 2, this café is a must visit if you are in search for in-between meetings and/or evening hangouts. With a well-designed interior, a quaint old library filled with books, armchairs, free Wi-Fi, cable news and a wide range of dining options, this café easily endears itself as a chilled relaxation spot and a great place for book lovers.

4. TRUKADERO: Going bowling with friends? This place offers a great bowling experience. If bowling is not one of your interest, then the top standard snooker board may just give your spirit the kick. If snooker doesn’t get you, the 9D cinema certainly will. Trukadero provides a perfect place for kids given its amusement park. But that’s not all. There is also a restaurant that wets your taste buds with intercontinental dishes. Located in Wuse 2, this place gives you the whole package of fun, relaxation and a delighted stomach.

5. DUNES CENTER: Located in the heart of Abuja, Dunes center is a luxury mall that has set standards in shopping for unique luxurious products and services.

Walking into dunes, your mind is sure to give you a sense of elegance, luxury and quality. On the ground floor is the grocery store where you are sure to find anything you want and for just the right prices too! Just around is a cafeteria that serves you lovely food in no time. On the 1st floor awaits your new look. All things high-end fashion, at the right prices, you are sure to have a royal makeover with high end and trending designer clothing and accessories. Furthermore, no longer will the ambiance affect you, you affect your surrounding with the exquisite fragrances on display. Shoes and bags are no let off either. Branded from head to toe, one would leave dunes center and walk right up to the cover page of a fashion magazine. The best thing is that your home also gets a royal makeover. With Dunes center, you can rightly say there is no better place to do your shopping with style.

How dare I forget the continental restaurant on the 5th floor. Whether for a gathering with friends, or a more formal affair, Dunes Continental Restaurant will make any occasion spectacular. Committed to designing and executing flawless, memorable events by combining exquisite food with the highest level of customer service, it’s no wonder that it emerged as Leadership Newspaper’s ‘Overall Best Restaurant of the Year’ in 2008 and as the “Best Continental Restaurant 2009”.

Dunes Center is home to all brands

If you would give this places your time and try them out, they may just provide the platform for you to be as I am now, happy to reside in Abuja.

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